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OccuPlus provide the OccuPational Health Industry with a complete Occupational Health Software Solution. With OccuPlus you only have to capture the patient/employee information once. OccuPlus intergrates directly with the testing devices, capturing test results into a common database.

The AudioPlus module is used to track audiometric testing and results through direct interface with the Audiometer. Multiple Audiometers can run simultaneously.

The SpiroPlus module is used to efficiently track and record the lung function test trough direct interface with the spirometer.

Vision Plus
The VisionPlus module is used to efficiently track and record the vision test trough direct interface with the vision screener.

The AdminPlus Module enables you to GO completely Paperless.
Customizable Questionaires & Reports.

Generate Certificate of Fitness and Annexure 3
Easy Backup of your Data
Customised Branding for Medical Certificates with anti-fraud verrification
Network and Cloud compatible for busy Occupational Health Clinics
Add Patient’s / Employee’s photo on Medical Certificate
List patients tested per day
Import your data from other brands of Audio Software into OccuPlus
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