• Rotograph Evo 3D

    Rotograph Evo 3D is a new dental imaging system with 3-in-1 functionality: Panoramic, Cephalometric, 3D. This new machine is based on the highly regarded mechanical platform of the Rotograph Evo, adapted mechanically and electronically to operate with the latest “Cone Beam” technology allowing 3D reconstruction of the jaws. Core of the Rotograph Evo 3D is the innovative Flat Panel Detector (FPD) using Amorphous Silicon technology associated with Cesium Iodide (CsI) scintillator. Thanks to its peculiarity to work in either Panoramic or 3D modality, Pan images are acquired directly and not reconstructed from a volume, while the unit’s 3D Field of View of 8,5×8,5 cm allows to obtain the entire dental status of the patient in a single exposure. The Rotograph Evo 3D can also be integrated with a digital Cephalometric arm, or upgraded at a later stage in case of need, in order to expand applications to the orthodontic field.

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  • Rotograph Prime 3D

    Following the incredible success of the innovative digital panoramic unit Rotograph Prime, Villa Sistemi Medicali enriches its product portfolio with the new CBCT unit Rotograph Prime 3D.

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  • Rotograph Evo

    Since the very first model introduced in 1974, the Rotograph name has always been synonymous with panoramic radiography. Rotograph Evo takes the experience of five decades of dedication to X-ray diagnostic imaging to the next level. You can rely on over 33.000 manufactured panoramic units that have been successfully operating worldwide for years, from the smallest dental practice to the largest university hospital.

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  • Rotograph Prime

    Rotograph Prime is the first in a new generation of digital panoramic units, featuring advanced imaging technology together with a compact, practical yet elegant body machine. This clever combination of technology and simplicity enables the Rotograph Prime to produce high-quality images effortlessly, providing immediate diagnoses and faster daily workflows.

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  • Videograph / Videograph HD

    Leveraging an enlarged experience in all sectors of dental radiology, including panoramic and 3D cone beam technologies, Villa S.M. includes in its product portfolio the Videograph, a hi-tech intraoral sensor available in two different models: regular and HD.

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  • Scanograph

    Scanograph is the new dental scanner of wireless PSP plates by Villa SM.
    It has been designed to offer the benefits of PSP plates digital technology and preserve the flexibility and easy use of dental film in intra-oral imaging procedures.
    Harness the advantage of instant image availability, no film processing costs and improved work efficiency through a shared multi-room use with Scanograph – the easy and affordable solution for wireless digital imaging.

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  • Endos AC / Endos ACP

    In the new range of intra-oral X-ray units Endos, everything has been designed to maximize the operating efficiency and allow you to concentrate on diagnosis and treatment, rather than on the procedure to get the radiographic image. Endos AC and ACP incorporate advanced self-diagnostics that prevent and signal every operation anomaly. A special safety device eliminates the risk of unwanted exposures, inhibiting the X-ray pushbutton when the unit is not in use.

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  • Endograph DC

    Endograph DC is a new, hi-frequency intraoral unit, entirely engineered and manufactured by Villa Sistemi Medicali. It is characterized by an innovative control unit with a large area display which is one of the most distinguishing part of the machine. Endograph DC opens a new era for intraoral units: a new era characterized by peerless convenience, easiness of use and innovative design.