Med-Tech & Design Associates International  specialize in sales & services of: hospitals and dental labs, physical theraphy equipments.

Much more important than a list of features, the Seven Significant Benefits elevate our company from Adequate to Exceptional.

  1. Higher level of Patient care.
  2. Support enhanced Infection Control protocols.
  3. Facilitate Staff comfort and ergonomics during procedures.
  4. Aesthetically transform the work environment.
  5. Improve productivity.
  6. Superior value received for price paid.
  7. Peace of Mind.

M.D.A. was built on the premise of delivering long-term value to its customers. Superior quality…excellent service…and peace of mind – serve those who serve!



Our duties include:

  • installing equipment and providing instruction on its use to physicians, nurses, physical therapists, and others
  • inspecting and calibrating equipment such as radiation monitors, blood gas analyzers, spectrophotometers, electrocardiographs ,audiometers and other medical equipments to insure safety and accuracy
  • troubleshooting of machine malfunction or failure
  • maintaining an inventory of parts and tools used in their repair work
  • perform preventative maintenance and safety checks
  • provide audiometric  booth designs for fabrications
  • calibration on tympanometers

    Our staff  have good communication skills, hand-eye coordination, and manual dexterity to work with electronics and machines.


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