• Paper and Charts

    Thermal printer paper

    Quality coated thermal paper from Vitalograph. The coating is optimised for clear print quality and trouble free printer operation. Storage life – 5 years.

    Charts for Gold Standard and Gold Standard Plus

    The original wax coated charts with a storage life in excess of 40 years are precision printed for accurate reading and trouble free operation.

    Available in 6 and 12 second versions. Please state the re-order number printed on your charts.

    • 48mm diameter is for ALPHA IV, ALPHA Touch, COMPACT 1, 2, 3 (Not COMPACT Expert) and 2120 + Base station.
    • 55mm diameter is for ALPHA III
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  • Precision Syringes

    For peace of mind regarding the accuracy of your spirometer

    Vitalograph precision syringes provide quick and easy accuracy checks with reliability and fast verification.

    Our precision syringes are available as a simple 3-L or a valved 1-L type. The 3-L precision syringe is for all spirometers as required by ISO 26782:2009. It can be used with flow or volume sensor systems and is compatible with any manufacturers’ equipment. A range of adaptors are available. The 1-L Precision Syringe is for linearity checking volume displacement spirometers

    • Certified accuracy better than 0.5%
    • End-to-end volume, no lining up marks or grooves
    • Traceable to international standards
    • Unique serial number and history file for each syringe
  • Noseclips (200)

    Designed for comfort and performance during spirometry testing

    These nose clips are ergonomically designed for comfort and are in line with international spirometry guidelines which recommend the use of nose clips during spirometry testing.

    • Comfortable fit
    • Attractively priced
  • SafeTway Mouthpieces (200)

    Effective cross infection control during expiratory manoeuvres

    The low cost, low resistance SafeTway® mouthpiece allows entry of expired air into the measuring system, but not back to the test subject. This simple, yet effective patented design prevents concerns of accidental inhalation of pathogens.

    The SafeTway is an inexpensive alternative to the bacterial viral filter for expiratory only testing. It fits most pulmonary function test equipment, including peak flow meters. An adaptor may be required.

    The Mini SafeTway, with a 22mm diameter mouthpiece, is also available for pediatric use or for elderly test subjects who have difficulty fitting their mouth properly around the standard mouthpiece size.

    • Protects the subject from cross-infection
    • One-way valve prevents inhalation respiratory manoeuvre
    • Suitable for expiratory manoeuvres with peak flow meters and spirometers
    • Attractively priced and completely disposable
  • Bite-on and Oval mouthpieces

    Designed for comfort and performance

    These ergonomically designed mouthpieces offer a choice of fit for adults and children.

    • Ergonomically designed for a comfortable fit
    • Attractively priced
    • Taste free
    • Disposable or limited re-use
  • Pulmonary Function Test Kits

    Completely disposable PFT kits

    These complete pulmonary function test kits are designed to provide high performing protection against cross infection. Our extensive range of kits covers virtually all office and laboratory spirometers.

    • Ergonomically designed for comfort and ease of use
    • Kit includes BVF bacterial / viral filter, oval mouthpiece, elbow and noseclip
    • Attractively priced
    • Completely disposable
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  • Bacterial Viral Filters

    For effective infection control

    Unlike barrier filters which trap expectorated matter whilst allowing viruses and bacteria to pass through, Vitalograph filters use an electrostatically charged material that traps expectorated matter plus bacteria and viruses for highly effective protection against cross contamination.

    In addition to the hygiene benefits of using bacterial viral filters they also support productivity in pulmonary function testing by reducing the time spent cleaning and sterilizing test equipment.

    • Single use filters for effective filtration of bacteria, viruses and expectorated matter
    • Suitable for inspiratory and expiratory spirometry testing
    • Protects the subject against cross-infection
    • Protects the spirometer against cross-contamination
    • 99.99% cross-contamination efficiency
    • Very low expiratory flow impedance
    • Low effective dead space of 65ml as required for lung volume and DLCO testing
    • Comfortable mouthpiece
    • Efficient at high flow rates
    • Attractively priced
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