Audiometrics Services


The National Association of Special Equipment Distributors (NASED) is a trade association

made up of audiometric distributors across the nation. NASED members make a commitment to

the highest standards of technical training, professionalism, test equipment and quality.

NASED certified audiometric technicians must pass a rigorous test demonstrating

thorough knowledge of test equipment, ANSI standards and calibration procedures.

  The NASED gold seal on your calibration certificate is your assurance that the

work was preformed by a trained and qualified technician with the

appropriate, calibrated test equipment.

Look for the NASED gold seal on your calibration certificates. It’s your minimum

level of assurance that you are receiving full value for the money

you are spending and the security in knowing it was done properly.

Please contact 1.866.204.2227 and press option 2 for services. You can fax a request to 1.866.837.8421 for services. Send email to .


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  • Teresa Reply

    Hello, Do you offer any train the trainer courses in spirometry or audiometry?

    October 18, 2022 at 2:47 pm

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