• myPEF

    The only web enabled peak flow meter

    The myPEF peak flow meter combines high quality and attractive styling with great value. This robust and easy to clean peak flow meter conforms to the ISO standard for Peak Expiratory Flow Meters.

    The myPEF is supplied with a unique ID card allowing users free access to a secure website where they can enter their PEF readings, eliminating the need for paper records and supporting data accuracy and effective asthma management. Suitable for use with any web enabled device.

    • Easy to read graphical data display featuring data trending, personal best and asthma management plan
    • Report generation featuring plotting, trending and time stamping
    • Clinicians can be granted access to view patient’s PEF results online
    • Precise 100mm scale – longer than any other PFM’s scale
    • Integral dust cover for hygiene and protection
    • Lightweight, pocket size design for convenient portability
  • asmaPLAN & asmaPLAN+

    The simple, accurate way to monitor asthma

    The patented dual color sliders on the asmaPLAN+™ define the management color zones set by the healthcare professional for the asthmatic to follow.

    100% is the asthmatic’s best. The yellow zone will typically be set to start at 80% of the asthmatic’s best while the red zone will typically start at 60%. Variability of PEFR of greater than 20% should alert the asthmatic to a possible asthma attack.

    • Accurate, compact, lightweight and portable
    • Robust and hardwearing
    • Features comfortable integral mouthpiece
    • Conforms to all peak flow standards including ISO23747:2007
    • Suitable for adults and children
    • Suitable for multi-subject use with SafeTway mouthpiece
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