Resonance r17a-BC Touch Screen Portable Screening Audiometer


Resonance r17a-BC Touch Screen Portable Screening Audiometer

The r17a’s elegant design and construction create the best possible experience for you and your patients. A touchscreen interface means nothing comes between you and the large, brilliant display that makes this device such a pleasure to use.

A new way to get connected.

A built-in Bluetooth connection keeps you working faster than ever. Wirelessly connect to your PC with MDS software for Windows® for an easy transfer of audiometric test data. MDS software features include Database storage in local or Noah, a Print Wizard and an advanced reporting page.

The r17a is exquisitely designed and constructed with the highest-quality materials. The r17a-BC combines air and bone conduction and speech testing in a conveniently portable and wireless device with a bright, vibrant 7” touch screen display. The r17a includes the Automatic Pure Tone test.

All the tests you need at your fingertips in a compact package.

Despite the r17a’s small size, it offers the same range of testing opportunities as a full-sized audiometer. Frequency levels range from 125 Hz to 12500 Hz, and signal levels run from -10 dB HL to 110 dB HL. The r17a can be used with a variety of transducers, including DD45, and EAR 3A inserts. Included accessories ensure maximum patient comfort and ease of use.

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