Inventis Piccolo Basic Portable Audiometer


Inventis Piccolo Basic Portable Audiometer

Piccolo is a portable diagnostic audiometer, offering air, bone and speech audiometry functions. Piccolo can be controlled either from a computer running Windows or, for the first time ever, from an iPad® over a Bluetooth wireless connection.
A lightweight, compact design, powerful, user-friendly software, and Noah connectivity combine to make Piccolo the ideal choice for professionals on the move.


To best fit different needs, Piccolo is available in three versions:
• Basic: pure tone audiometry – only AC output
• Plus: pure tone audiometry – AC and BC outputs
• Speech: pure tone and speech audiometry – AC and BC outputs. Only the Speech model includes a 2 channels Master Hearing Aid. In addition, QuickSIN is available upon request.

Two different models available, Basic (AC only) and Speech (AC/BC/Speech)
Computer control through the dedicated Noah or Daisy module. USB connection.
Compact and light
Power supply through the USB connection, when controlled with the computer

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